We're the Water in the Waves - SATB plus piano

This piece is ideal for Water Communion / Ingathering service as well as for a song of farewell. It may be purchased as an octavo here or as a digital download here.


Musically, the text gives indication as to the style of each verse. The first verse's gentle, flowing feel is the comfort of knowing we've been walking a path together. The second verse, a bit stronger, with the full choir entering, builds this comfort and joy of common experience. The third verse, with its darker text, should also have a more misterioso feel, but don't let it drag. Our parting is approaching. The fourth verse should have a lighter, more sparkling feel, with streams and snowflakes and growing understanding that though what may seem final is not, merely a new way of being. The resoluteness of the fifth verse reflects the strength of knowing that the path we have shared together regardless of our proximity, and gives us strength and joy in knowing that our lives are bettered by our shared experiences. The coda, beginning in measure 95, brings us back to a more settled feel, as we are comforted by the memory of those shared experiences. By the final bars, we arrive at a restful state, comfortable knowing that though time has passed and circumstances have changed, we have been blessed by what we've experienced together.

Elven Forest - Bassoon / piano sheet music

Elven Forest is an elementary bassoon solo that portrays a calm, shadowed woodland. It represents a breeze blowing through the trees, wildlife slowly and quietly waking, and rustling leaves that let sunlight filter through to the forest floor.

Hidden Lake - Bassoon / piano sheet music

Hidden Lake reflects the gentleness and wonder of encountering a quiet, secluded lakeshore filled with dazzlingly colored flowers amid bright sunshine. The piece ends in the quiet calmness of night, reflected in a major key.

Mists and Sun - Bassoon / piano sheet music

Mists and Sun reflects changing moods and is written in rondo (ABACA) form. The first theme (mm 5–20) should have a very ethereal, mysterious character, which is characterized by its key of g minor. The second theme (mm 21–28) is somewhat brighter, with the sun trying to work its way through the mists. The mists conquer the sun as the first theme returns (mm 33–40). Finally, the sun is victorious and shines brightly through the mists (mm 41–54). Notice how the music moves to a major key and the piano accompaniment is much more energetic and joyful. Your playing should convey those feelings. As night falls, though, the mists move back in as the first theme returns once again, and the whole piece fades into calm, mist-covered darkness.

Silver Vanguard - Bassoon / piano sheet music

Silver Vanguard is a piece in rondo form that brings to mind strength.